Why Machined Couplers Are Better Than Cast Units

Machining advantages

SAS dry disconnect couplers provide consistently high quality, with superior precision where it counts most. We obtain a reliably excellent result by machining the SAS completely out of bar-stock. Industries who use dry disconnect couplings in their daily operations often allow very little room for error. For this reason, we are proud that our manufacturing process is carried out 100% in Germany / USA and is certified for quality by random third-party inspections (see a list of certifications on our website).

Common casting defects

Being aware of potential casting defects helps us to avoid them. Some of the usual suspects include:

1 – Steam gas porosity – Small bubbles can form under or on the surface of the cast unit.

2 – Shifts – Product deformities due to mold misalignments can create a product that does not conform to exact specifications

3 – Dirt and slag – Dirty molding causes breakaway edges, which then become part of the casting itself.

4 – Mold swell – The pressure of displacement in the metal can cause deformities in the product.

5 – Sand fusion – Excess heat may create defects such as rough, glassy spots of molten sand.

6 – Cold shot – When a pour is made in too-cold temperatures, the metal may fail to fully weld together.


Some manufacturers machine over the outside of cast couplers, which can disguise errors or impurities. We, however, recognize the link between product safety and product quality, and make it our mission to deliver 100% quality with every single product we turn out.