Protecting the operator and the environment

How the SAS protects your employees and your business from spills & leaks

Limbol Dynamics SAS couplers are among the safest couplers available. Since the SAS coupling process requires no tools or cumbersome multi-step procedures with handles or cam-arms, operators enjoy the most efficient usage possible. This minimizes both human error and resulting spills.

What’s the Secret? – The secret of our streamlined dry disconnect coupling technology is what we call OneMotionCoupling™. Put simply, the unique effect of this design advantage is to provide safe coupling and decoupling in just a single step. Operators save time and accomplish the job with far fewer safety and error risks. This, in turn, translates to savings in operational costs.

The Technical Background – Hazardous pressure spikes can result from fires and other coupling accidents. Our couplers have an additional layer of protection against pressure spikes that is inherent in the product’s design. Unlike other couplers, instead of an engineered disassembly point facing outward, the SAS disassembles toward the hose connection. This gives SAS’ outward-facing connection the smallest possible diameter. This difference is the technical reason that keeps SAS’ coupling internals securely in place within the coupler body, even if the unit is subjected to extreme pressure.

Protect your Business from Spills and Product Loss – Our cutting-edge design and manufacturing, combined with our strenuous quality-control processes, offer your business advanced protection from spills. SAS couplers are virtually the driest in the industry. We have specifically targeted our precision-engineered solutions to minimize product loss, impact on the environment, and exposure to the operator as well.

Highest Quality Standards – Recognizing the basic link between safety and quality, we take pride in offering high-quality, safe-usage couplers. We source all of our materials from the USA and Germany. They contain no base metals (gunmetal, brass etc.) or sub-components such as those found in low-cost regions (sand-castings etc.). For this reason, our customers can be certain that our SAS couplers meet the highest standards.