How SAS Couplers Save You Money

Limbol Dynamics designs with the end user in mind. Although our dry disconnect couplers are among the highest-quality couplings on the market, we distribute them at very competitive prices. Our lean operations model enables us to pass on significant savings directly to our customers.

Quality in Design Means Big Savings in Outlay

Transactional savings are only one aspect of a broader savings potential:

  • Efficiency – SAS couplers boost efficiency by allowing for more work in less time. Our couplers feature OneMotionCouplingTM technology, which allows the operator to connect and engage the coupler in a single step, a process that typically takes up to three. Their exceptionally easy usage leads to minimal down-time.
  • Fewer errors – Fewer steps also equals a notably decreased risk of process errors. Often overlooked, this reduction in errors is a crucial investment-sparing aspect built into Limbol Dynamics SAS couplers and the dependably good performance they deliver.
  • Safety – In the short term, transfer incidents can lead to process breakdowns as well as damage to personnel and operator assets. Our couplers provide the highest possible safety standards, protecting both the operator and the environment from spills and leaks. This yields a double benefit in both security and savings.

    Increasingly rigorous environmental regulations can also generate considerable fines and clean-up costs. Moreover, incidents can expose the company to legal and insurance risks. The careful design of our couplers effectively mitigates the risk of damage or injury and the potentially exponential costs of correcting them.

  • Durability – Our high-quality manufacturing standards produce extremely durable couplers that users can depend on for extended periods of time. Built to last, the SAS minimizes your total cost of ownership.

The synergy of these positive characteristics allows our customers to realize significant savings by using Limbol Dynamics SAS dry disconnect couplings – both short and long term.