4 Inch SAS Couplers vs API couplers

The smart alternative to traditional API couplers

In the paragraphs below, learn why SAS couplers are more user-friendly, safer, and more reliable than API couplers.

A More Agile, User-Friendly Coupler Weight

The average aluminum API coupler weighs about 19.6 pounds, but the 4” SAS aluminum coupler only weighs 12.8 pounds. That is a weight reduction of about 35%. Weight is critical, especially with couplers 4” or larger, because the coupler-hose combination can be very heavy, making it difficult for the operator to use. Likewise, a lower weight reduces operator injuries related to lifting strain, and increases operator efficiency, simply because less effort is required to move the hose and coupler into place.

Maximum Working Pressure for Maximum Efficiency and Safety

One of the main reasons why companies use API couplers is because of their size and respectively high flow rates. However, for many applications, the flow rates are primarily driven by line pressure. A standard aluminum API coupler will have a maximum working pressure of about 75 PSI, whereas the 4” aluminum SAS coupler has a maximum working pressure of 232 PSI, which is about a 210% increase in pressure. A higher tolerance for pressure not only facilitates faster filling and de-filling processes but also allows it to handle unforeseen pressure spikes, notably increasing its safety factor.

A One-Step Coupling and Decoupling Process

The SAS features OneMotion technology, meaning that the coupler can connect and disconnect using just one turn. The API coupler uses a multi-step coupling system that requires handle activations. Using a handle can be dangerous because it can turn rapidly when the line is subject to pressure, potentially injuring the operator. Such a risk does not exist with the SAS, because it does not use any handles, cam arms, etc.

The SAS’s NATO STANAG bayonet style traces its origins to the NATO forces which required exceptionally robust and reliable coupling systems. To this day, it is considered the most durable coupling system available in the industry.