SAS dry break couplings are certified to ISO9001:2008, PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), and ATEX (the directive for Equipment intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres).

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It is our goal to offer the most competitive prices and the shortest lead times for bayonet dry break couplings. Our unique direct to market approach allows us to pass on significant cost savings to our customers.

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We quickly deliver to your location and our couplers, in turn, deliver exceptional flow. Based on a design advantage, the SAS dry break couplings have some of the highest transfer rates in the industry.

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Limbol Dynamics is setting a new standard for dry break couplings

SAS Dry Break Couplings

We specialize in dry disconnect couplings (also known as dry break couplers) that enable spill-free product transfers for a wide range of fluid and gas media. They reflect the highest quality standard, but remain competitively priced by virtue of our lean operations model. Our SAS couplers are designed to facilitate safe, affordable, and swift transfers of fluids and gases, while protecting the operator and the environment.

Many factors distinguish our SAS couplers from other products on the market. Their ease of use, safety, and reliability make them an effective tool for preventing spills and leaks. Moreover, they reduce product residue to one of the lowest levels in the industry. A broad range of energy, chemicals, and marine companies put our couplers to work wherever safety, efficiency, and the integrity of the product count most.

How to use dry disconnect couplers / dry break couplings - a short video

A short video on how to use dry disconnect couplers / dry break couplings